Valley Voices Story Slam - ACADEMY OF MUSIC

Valley Voices Story Slam

Valley Voices is presented by the Academy of Music Theatre and New England Public Radio.

Come out and hear some outrageous, funny and heartwarming true stories told in five minutes by your friends and neighbors from around the valley. The audience picks the winner, and a storytelling star is born! Grab a beer and get ready for a night of great entertainment. The winners of each slam will go on to compete in our “Best of Valley Voices” event!


Auditions are not open at this time. Check back for more specific info!

During the set audition period, call our designated phone line to share the first sentence of your story, and your contact information. Please share only the first line of your story. Speak slowly and clearly when giving your line and your contact information.  Storytellers will be selected based on the strength of their first line and will be invited to share their story live at Valley Voices. Selected storytellers are encouraged to attend a free storytelling workshop, which will help to cultivate personal stories into performances. Storytellers will be offered the opportunity to purchase one ticket for a friend – we know you want moral support while you’re up on that stage!