Blog Post #16: Our History: New Decorations - ACADEMY OF MUSIC
A peek at plans for our summer renovations!

A peek at plans for our summer renovations!

By Executive Director Debra J’Anthony

By 1924, the state-of-the-art hall had been open for thirty three years, and when the board of directors convened at the office of the Secretary Friday morning, May 30th, at ten o’clock, there was a report made by the then manager Mr. Powell regarding the cost of re-decorating the theater.  Seats had become worn and the carpet tired, so he had traveled to New York to meet with a theater decorator, a Mr. Unit.  In the minutes of the meeting, he reported that the decorating, if done by Mr. Unit,

“would cost five thousand dollars; that the present chairs can be upholstered and re-built at a cost of five dollars each and that the carpeting would cost fifteen hundred dollars.  A new drapery for the stage, to correspond with the coloring of the decorations, would cost six hundred dollars.”

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Days later, a special meeting was called for and held at the office of the Secretary on Monday morning, June 9, 1924, at ten o’clock in which the Treasurer and Secretary were authorized to borrow two thousand dollars to cover losses.  Mr. Powell reported back on the costs of re-decorating and securing a stock company.  However, as the board of directors minutes state:

“after due consideration of all the matters, it was voted to suspend operation of the Academy of Music until further notice, this to take effect at the close of the present week.”

Then on Saturday morning, June 21, 1924, at ten o’clock at the office of the Secretary,

“It was voted to authorize the manager to enter into contract with Everett Butterfield of New York to open the theatre with a stock company in September in accordance with the copy of contract attached hereto and also sign contract with A. L. Erlanger for outside attractions.”

The meeting was adjourned. The re-decorating would be tabled for another day.

Today’s re-decorating project costs over $600,000. The Academy has raised $500,00 through state and city grants.

Help restore the Academy! We’re replacing the seats in the auditorium, repairing and repainting the ornate plaster, insulating and replacing the stage roof, and adding aisle lighting. Learn more.