Blog Post #6: Our History: The Color is Green - ACADEMY OF MUSIC

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By Executive Director Debra J’Anthony

I know how excited we have been about our pending renovations planned for this summer and so, I imagine the very first renovation in 1914 brought a bit of good cheer to the Northampton community.  Northampton had its own municipal stock company, putting on different shows each week, and now plans to re-decorate their opera house were underway.  Rather than state and city grants and community support to fund the renovations, Frank Lyman, son of Edward H.R. Lyman, and his sister, Mrs. White picked up the cost.  The descriptions below are taken from Gazette articles, printed July 28, 1914 and October 2, 1914:

 “Work on the re-decorations of the interior of the Academy of Music is progressing rapidly. The plan of decoration was designed by James A. Wingate & Son of Boston, who also have the contract for the work. The color scheme is green and white, with touches of gold. The ceiling is to be tinted ivory white, and the walls a warm buff shade, with a frieze in an ornamental design in green with two shield devices on either side of the stage. The woodwork is to be ivory white and proscenium arch, white and gold. The seats now are upholstered in green and the carpets are to be of the same shade, as are the draperies of the boxes.  These green shades will blend well with the curtain, new last year, which shows a scene of Paradise Pond. The foyer and outer vestibule are also to be redecorated in harmony with the interior. Altogether the Academy will present a very rich and attractive appearance.”

The Lyman’s would be impressed with the renovations taking place this summer!

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