Blog Post #7: Our History: The Everyday Life of an Actress - ACADEMY OF MUSIC

By Executive Director Debra J’Anthony

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into the daily life of an actress from The Northampton Players.  A Gazette reporter visited Alice Donovan on November 12, 1914 and filed this report:

Miss Alice Donovan, who in private is Mrs. Cyril Raymond, succeeds in combining housekeeping with her art and to her friends is known as an excellent cook – a fact which will illumine those of the public who think that the exacting profession of the stage precludes, for a woman – the more usual duties of cooking and dish washing.

When Miss Donovan was seen this morning by a Gazette reporter she was rejoicing in the possession of a new sink, which she had been assisting the plumber to install.

“Like so many of us actor folk,” said Miss Donovan, “I enjoy having a home and experimenting with new dishes. My friends say that I am particularly successful with German dishes – being part German myself. Noodle soup is my specialty.”

But the dish washing?

However before the question could be asked Miss Donovan had admitted that she didn’t mind the dishes at all. Guests for tea or after theatre parties are made to help – a real pleasure with the new sink.

The Academy has access to so many fabulous downtown eateries for after-theater parties. We don’t have to do the dishes!

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