Open Auditions for (In)Dependent: The Heroin Project at the Academy of Music - ACADEMY OF MUSIC

Open auditions for the Academy of Music Theatre’s production of (In)Dependent: The Heroin Project by Emelia Sherin and Zach Manthey will take place on January 6, 2019 from 1pm – 3pm at the Academy of  Music Theatre. The show will run March 22 and 23, 2019, directed by Linda McInerney. For the audition, please prepare a contemporary dramatic monologue under two minutes.

Casting Information:
RYAN – A recovering addict; charming, generous, and misunderstood. 25-30 years of age
EMILY – A recovering addict; quiet, sweet, and  sassy. 25-30 years of age
HEROIN – A mysterious temptress. 25-30 years of age
DARLA Ryan’s mother. 50-55 years of age
MICHAEL – Ryan’s step-father. 50-55 years of age
ANNE – Ryan’s ex-girlfriend. 25-30 years of age
JOHN – Emily’s ex-boyfriend. 25-30 years of age
MARSHA- Chairwoman of NA meetings. 35-45 years of age
NURSE/AARON- Father and working man, 10+ years in recovery.  45-55 years of age
GIGI- Sassy Drag Queen who loves comedic relief. 35- 40 years of age
JOBETH- Elderly woman who found herself through Mormonism. 55-65 years of age
MEREDITH- Struggling single mom with a warm heart. 30-40 years of age

The Academy of Music Theatre is located at 274 Main Street in Northampton.  Please enter through the portico door on South Street.  Call backs will be held January 9, 2019 at 7pm.   For further information, please contact Executive Director Debra J’Anthony at 413.584.9032 x102 or