PRESS RELEASE: Online and On Stage: Academy of Music Polishes its Appearance - ACADEMY OF MUSIC

A redesigned online “window” to the theater – launching Sept. 10 – and a restored architectural “window” to the stage will be celebrated at the annual gala at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 1, on stage at the Academy of Music, 274 Main St.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. – With the expert guidance of two local businesses, the Academy of Music recently brought a new luster to its appearance online and onstage – a fact it will soon celebrate at its annual gala. Through the work of architect Tom Douglas, the historic theater restored its proscenium – the decorative arch built 120 years ago that frames the stage, creating a window to the scenery and performers. At the same time, the Academy revamped its Web site with Northampton-based Carey Baker of MidnightsonDesigns to better serve both the performance groups that stage productions at theater and community members who enjoy them.

The new site launches Sept. 10.
“The Academy’s recent efforts ensure the highest quality experience for the public,”said Andrew Crystal, president of the Board of Trustees. “From the moment a theatergoer reserves a ticket on the Academy’s Web site, to the moment she witnesses the performance unfolding onstage, her experience will be one of ease and enjoyment.” The Fourth Annual Academy of Music Theatre Gala “On Stage” at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 1, will celebrate those accomplishments and toast the future with guests at a cocktail reception on the very stage where such luminaries as Mae West, John Phillip Sousa, Harry Houdini, Dave Brubeck and the Young@Heart Chorus have performed. The event will open with piano music by Clifton J. Noble, of the Smith College Department of Music, and culminate with a performance by Charles Neville, saxophonist, and band. This year, all of the action will take place on the stage framed by the freshly painted proscenium. Those interested in attending the gala may purchase tickets on the Academy’s Web site. Максимальный размер бонуса при этом не может превышать 25 тысяч рублей (или же эквивалента этой суммы в UZS). мостбет Для начала выбираем событие, которое интересует вас больше. Далее отмечаем исход и делаем ставку.
The new Web site is rich with information about the upcoming performances, ticket and rental information, as well as the history of the theater and the Board of Trustees and staff members who represent the theater. It also includes the ability to easily join the social media presence of the theater on Facebook and access volunteer opportunities. The proscenium and Web site top a list of additional physical improvements to the performance venue this year, which include an upgraded the sound system, new marquee, exterior doors and windows.
The Academy of Music
The mission of the Academy of Music is to enrich greater Northampton’s quality of life by offering first class performing arts and film presentations in an historic theatre of national significance, and encouraging the use of the venue for social,educational and professional events; the Academy of Music seeks a broad and diverse audience through its programming and outreach efforts.