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We Care! Campaign

Remember the applause, laughter, and awe that has so often filled the house at the Academy? The music, the dance, the stories? Remember buttery popcorn or hot tea during intermission?
Remember standing in a long line for the restroom?

It feels like forever ago, but don’t worry, you’ll have all that again — without the line for the restroom!
As part of preparing to reopen later this year, we’re planning an important and timely redesign of our public restrooms.

For health, safety, and shorter lines, we’re adding:
• 8 more private stalls
• Touch-free water-saving faucets and fixtures
• Touch-free HEPA-filtered hand dryers
• Advanced fresh-air ventilation

Let’s all come back to a safer, more comfortable Academy of Music Theatre. Please support our We Care! Campaign.

We’ve already raised $225,000 of the $325,000 cost of the project. With this campaign, we’re reaching out to you, our community, for the remaining $100,000.

If you can help in any amount, please fill out and return the enclosed donation card. Your entire donation will go to this much-needed restroom upgrade.

Thank you for supporting the Academy and the health of our community. Perhaps, like us, you realize more than ever just how much you care about both.

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